Bench & Portable Scales

Versatile, ready-to-use METTLER TOLEDO bench scales and portable scales with a wide variety of platform sizes and terminals for any application or workplace environment

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High Resolution Bench Scales

High-precision bench scales for sophisticated applications where maximum accuracy is required.
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Industrial Basic Scales

Value-oriented simple scales suitable for various basic weighing applications in wet or dry environments.
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Weighing Platforms for Dry & Dusty Environments

Rugged weighing platforms for demanding weighing applications in dust-contaminated environments.
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Bench Scales for Wet & Harsh Environments

Rugged, stainless steel bench scales that minimize cross contamination and ensure easy cleaning.
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High Resolution Weighing Platforms

Weighing platforms for applications that require reliable performance with the best accuracy available.
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Bench Scales for Dry & Dusty Environments

Mild steel, cast aluminum and plastic housings for weighing tasks in non-corrosive workplace environments.
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Weighing Platforms for Wet & Harsh Environments

Hygienically-designed weighing platforms that enable efficient cleaning.
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