Controllers & Terminals

Fast and reliable METTLER TOLEDO scale indicators and controller systems built to accommodate basic, complex, or automated weighing applications

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Tank, Silo, Hopper, and Bin Scale Terminals

Versatile, precise terminals designed to support any process- or transaction-based weighing application.
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Hazardous Area Scale Terminals

Hazardous-area approved terminals that ensure safety and accuracy with multiple connectivity options.
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Vehicle Scale Terminals

Vehicle weighing terminals that deliver unrivaled accuracy and reliability for both digital and analog scales.
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Custom Programmable Scale Terminals

Programmable terminals for applications requiring customization, from workflows to data integration with enterprise level software.
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Bench, Portable, and Floor Scale Terminals

Operator-friendly, programmable terminals for bench, compact, and floor scales in any environment.
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Terminals & Transmitters for Systems Integrators

Complete range of supported terminals, controllers, and transmitters meeting mechanical, electrical and data-integration needs.
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